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ArtBlue Gold 2.5 Features

ArtBlue Gold 2.5 software package for Adobe Illustrator now includes 4 new plug-ins: ArtShapes, ArtMatrix, CustomShapes and ArtTutor. In total, ArtBlue Gold contains 7 plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator, working seamlessly in a single environment to optimize performance and minimize system overhead.
ArtMatrix is a one-of-a-kind shape transformation engine that can convert a few shapes into many shapes to form complex geometric sculptures. It was designed by a topnotch engineer with over 25 years of experience in electronics. Complex algorithms had to be invented, involving waveform generators of various types, all combined to transform basic shapes into spectacular and unpredictable shape formations. 
Images shown below and on the side bar were created with ArtMatrix. From a single path, ArtMatrix creates many copies, applies color, opacity and arrange them according to user input parameters.

Inside ArtMatrix engine are 10 Waveform Generators, each with 10 different waveforms to choose from. The following images, used Linear Waveform set at 4 revolutions to generate multiple twists, as seen in the left image. The right image is a variation of the left image, created by relocating a transformation point of reference.

ArtMatrix Control Panel, as shown on the right, includes four collapsible sections: Basic Shape Control, Geometry Matrix, Color Matrix and ArtTutor.
User explores the controls on the ArtMatrix panel with ArtTutor, our latest innovation, with many interactive tutorials included to provide step-by-step instructions; complete with illustrations, demo videos, Click-To-Locate-Object and Click-To-Locate-Place functions. Furthermore, ArtTutor was designed to run inside Illustrator, thus significantly reduce the time and effort required to learn ArtBlue.
Another powerful feature in ArtMatrix: Shapes can be specified to follow a path. Each image below, was created with an object path and a path for the object to follow.

ArtMatrix also includes an incomparable, interactive preview mode, displaying infinite variations of shape formations in real-time (see demo movie on the right). 
ArtShapes provides basic shape creation tools, and in concert with ArtTrack, establishes a complete and user friendly environment for creating, rotating, scaling, and reflecting shapes, while effortlessly snapping to other object, all in a single mouse stroke.  
CustomShapes imports shapes from Photoshop's custom shape files into Illustrator and used by ArtShapes tool to draw user created shapes. User created shapes created in Illustrator can also be exported to Photoshop .csh file for use by Photoshop's Custom Shape tool.
Below is the CustomShape Control Panel. It comes with a complete Shape Manager to:
  • Load custom shape files into the panel.
  • Add new user created shapes to the panel
  • Rename and Replace shapes.
  • Rearrange shapes on the panel.
  • Import custom shape files from Photoshop.
  • Export user created shapes to Photoshop.
  • Create new custom shape file.

CustomShape uses its own file format to store shapes. Its file format is more advanced and more flexible than Photoshop file format. This allows complex shapes to be stored and used in Illustrator, where Photoshop cannot.

 Art3D was designed to vastly improve the design and workflow for users working in 3D space using Illustrator's Perspective Grid. Without Art3D, working with the Perspective Grid in Illustrator is guaranteed to be unproductive.  
Art3D capabilities and features include:
  • Support for placing mesh and image into the Perspective Grid.
  • Automatic updating of object appearance upon changes to Perspective Grid parameters.
  • Rotating, scaling, moving, and aligning objects in 3D space.
  • Editing of path anchors, segments and handles residing in 3D space.
  • Converting objects in 3D space to 2D space and vice versa.
  • Providing three independent 2D grids, each corresponds to a plane in 3D space.
  • Selecting and editing multiple objects on multiple 3D planes.
  • Dragging objects across the vanishing point or above the horizon.

Above: Art3D placed an image of a framed picture into perspective.

The making of The Bird & The Bee

This movie demonstrates the techniques I used to create the above marquetry artworks, made of real woods, using Adobe Illustrator plug-ins: ArtBlue, ArtAnimate, ImagePaint and ImageFinder plug-ins.

"Guitar Rocks" by ArtMatrix

"Grand Piano" by ArtMatrix

"The Dragon" by ArtMatrix

ArtMatrix Control Panel

  • Tutorials run inside Illustrator to help user quickly explore the many unique features in ArtBlue.
  • Factory's Presets provide starting points for new designs.
  • Transformation Styles automatically calculate complex equations, so user can concentrate on high level tasks.

Realtime Interactive Preview

Preview an infinite variations of a design, in realtime with the mouse, before committing to a transformation.