ArtBlue Gold Beta - New Features and Improvements

A new software module called Art3D has been added to ArtBlue Gold suite. Art3D does not create 3D objects, or place 3D objects in 3D coordinate space. It was designed to improve the design and workflow for users working in 3D space using Illustrator's Perspective Grid or P. Grid for short. 

Art3D capabilities and features include:

- Support for placing mesh and image into the P. Grid.  

- Automatic updating of object appearance upon changes to P. Grid parameters.

- Rotating, scaling, moving, and aligning objects in 3D space.

- Editing of path anchors, segments and handles residing in 3D space.

- Converting objects in 3D space to 2D space and vice versa.

- Providing three independent 2D grids, each corresponds to a plane in 3D space.

- Selecting and editing multiple objects on multiple 3D planes.

- Dragging objects across the vanishing point or above the horizon.

The making of The Bird & The Bee

I often give marquetry demo to kids at elementry school. This movie demonstrate the techniques I used to made marquetry using Adobe Illustrator plug-ins I created: ArtBlue, ArtAnimate, ImagePaint and ImageFinder plug-ins to be released soon.
Warning: Rated KG - Kid Guidance Suggested.